"The Mother Shift™”
Make 2019 The Year You Get to Have it ALL!!

Most mothers have been coded (programmed) by their long line of ancestors with “False Mother Codes”, that have them believe they must come last.

This has Mothers all over the world continue to sacrifice themselves and their dreams for their family.

It also has Mothers WORK like slaves and carry the burden of TOO MUCH responsibility!

There is a NEW WAY where you can care for your family even more, and HAVE IT ALL!

Hi, my name is Audrie, and I wish to gift this to you, because I know what it feels like to live in that old way & I know what is available when we evolve!

When you live your dreams & are true to yourself, you show your children that anything is possible & give them a voice to be who they truly are!

You give yourself and them the best future possible!

Own your worth, Live your truth & Be FREE,

Audrie Dawn - Woman’s Empowerment & Purpose Coach.
Creator of The Ancestral De-Coding System™, The Mother Codes™ 
and The On Purpose Formula™.
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Evie Kramer - Mother/ Plant based nutritionist /Yoga instructor

Before working with Audrie Dawn 
I felt disconnected unappreciated devalued and overwhelmed. 

I was living in fear.
I felt that I wasn’t enough.
I was in a toxic marriage.

Judgement, criticism and condemnation plagued my being.

I was in trauma and 
I knew I deserved more, 
I just didn’t know how to get there.

Audrie created a safe space for me to process my feelings without judgement; in total acceptance and love.

She listened and truly heard what I had to say.

She helped me release patterns of behaviors that were keeping me stuck from getting what I wanted. 

She encouraged me to keep moving forward when I felt afraid. 

Audrie Dawn unlocked doors, unveiled possibilities within myself that I never imagined existed. 

After working with Audrie I know how to set healthy boundaries.

I no longer play the victim role.
I am no longer in overwhelm
I am in flow.

I am laser focused, I know what I want and I know how to get it.

I know my worth. 
I prioritize me and my 
Self- care is non-negotiable.

I had the courage to leave my marriage. 
I met the love of my life.
Our relationship is now amazing.

He treats me like a queen 

Today I am living the life 
of my dreams. 
On purpose and on my terms.

Thank you for teaching me how to FLY Audrie Dawn

You are a gift
Copyright 2019 Audrie Dawn
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